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It seems that circumstances are moving me away from entertainment lighting design into architectural illumination -(i.e. roadways and parking lots) I found VW spotlight to be a little lacking in this area, so in my searches, I found a program called DIALux. It's for exactly this, but it's a little dated; I'm finding IES files to plug into it, so I should be able to make it work. Is Landmark or able to do this? In theory, Spotlight can do this, I just need the IES files for the light, and draw a fixture for it, but I'm hoping that VW has such animals already in their libraries. VW's renders are SO much nicer.

Thanks for the opinions...

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As far as I know, any of the designer series products (don't know about fundamentals) can create a light source from IES data. Don't know what version you have - but I'm pretty sure that it's been possible since at least v12.

What VW can't do (yet....he said, hopefully) is calculate footcandles. Spotlight's footlight calculation only works on spotlight instruments and ignores geometry blocking the light. (I think it uses the instrument's initial lumens value and distance to the focus point to do the calculation.)

So you can use any designer series to render fixtures with IES data, but not to measure the light.



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