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Sketchup Imports

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I am running 12.5.3 on a PC. What versions of SKP are supported? I have been trying to import some items from skp.6 and nothing shows up. Do I need to rerun the 12.5.3 updater?


Bob Hunter

VW 12.5.3

Intel Pentium Dual 1.46

2.00GHz Ram

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Thanks Ray and Pat. I was searching the board for answers, and found out exactly that. So, I DLed skp and resaved the symbols as skp 5.

While we're here, on a different tack: It seems that circumstances are moving me away from entertainment design into architectural- (i.e. roadways and parking lots) I found VW spotlight to be a little lacking in this area, so in my searches, I found a program called DIALux. It's for exactly this, but it's a little dated; I'm finding IES files to plug into it, so I should be able to make it work. Is Arch. or Designer able to do this? Is there a "modern" CAD that deals with this area?


Bob Hunter

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