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trying to export a Jpeg in Safe mode

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My Dell has had a video card disaster but I must use it and is operating in safe mode. I am trying to capture a jpeg but cannot "push" the page down enough to get at the box to pick a jpeg (it always defaults to jpeg 2000- Argh!) I tried the arrows it does not work as safe mode is very limited...Any way to have it default to jpeg?

Any other way to get a photo fo a model?

Obviously PDF's only work on lines. Print screen and going to Paint really sucks. Thanks for your help.

and yes I know buy a mac!


XP VW 12.5.3

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yes Pat I am running in SAFE mode..and yes I am unable to select a normal jpeg as the dialog box is too big for my screen (and no cannot add monitors)..regarding the PDF it seems when I try to capture one it works with 2d stuff but cannot see a model (in the confines of the page (gray) box..seem to remember this working before. UGH!print screen really sucks for image quality

thanks for any all help guys!

at least the client is not firing me


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