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Reversal of Wireframe render w/Flyover

Keith W

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I've done this so many times and it still never fails to amaze me.

Let's say I've got several layers, walls/roofs etc. I stack layers, select flyover, and flip the image around a few times. If I rotate it just so, it "flips" itself such that it has mirrored itself horizontally. Now I can continue flipping it around, and it remains mirrored (that is, a dormer that was drawn on the right is now on the left). Eventually I will flip it just so and it will unmirror, and return to it's proper configuration.

I have done this in many different drawing files, and I always stare at it in disbelief for 5 minutes, so I'm quite sure it really happens...

Is this a known bug? Anyone else see this?


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Ok, I think it's an optical illusion. It's incredibly convincing though. Wow. Never mind.

It has to do with turning the model over and spinning it and turning it back. My mind loses track of the orientation, and so as long as it is in wireframe, there are two interpretations and my mind settles on the wrong one. Then when it renders in hidden line, I'm shocked.

It's actually pretty neat.

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