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Viewports Layer Problem

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Hello All,

I am currently working on two separate plots and in the view ports two different Symbols creating in the same manner are actin very odd. They are covering up another layer and only that layer. I have tried resorting the layer order but to no success. The even weirder thing though is in the actual view they fall behind all the correct layers.

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The problem I believe it is after playing around with it is that it doesn't update the viewports with the new layer order once I change it. Anyone know how to force the viewports to update with the new layer order, I tried pressing update all layers too.

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I have had a similar problem in VW2008. From memory to get around it I turned off one of the layers (in layers button on the info palette). Then I turned it back on again.

Also I think I may have used the eyedropper tool to copy the viewport settings then create a new viewport. Sometimes this worked also.


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