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Using 2 displays

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i use an additional display with my laptop and have 2 drawings open... one on the laptop screen and one on the additional screen.

when i use the Tape Measure Tool on the additional screen, the little box that follows the cursor and gives the distance doesn't show up on the additional screen... it shows up on the edge of the laptop screen :mad:

this is the case with every tool that has that box... :mad:

worked fine until SP3... :mad:

anyone else have this issue??

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I bit of a diversion here, but out of interest, why/how do you use this setup?

Of late, I have been thinking that it would be easier with 3D elevations to have a separate workgroup referenced elevations file, using your double drawing display technique, so that I can work on the plans and see the updates to the 3D elevations right away. Is this what you are doing?


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The reference link is not real time. To do what you are speaking of you would have to save the plan file, switch to the elevation file, go to the Organization dialog and update the reference.

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Pat's right, you would have to keep updating the reference.

But you can use DLVPs as a poor man's multiple view tool. In wireframe and open GL they update "live". I'll post a screen shot.

To address your first question - When in my office I use the second (larger) screen for the drawing and the laptop screen to spread out all the palettes. There is a trade off - more mouse moves between screens to get to palettes, but a lot less scrolling and leafing through palettes.



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I only meant the hardware "set-up", not the drawing/working "set-up"....

I work more like michaelk describes.

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Thanks guys. It is good to see your drawing set up, as sometimes I think I can make things way too complicated. Although I have to admit, I find drawing anything twice is such a bore, and with Julian Carr's amazing WinDoor tool, it makes drawing elevations (the door and window part) too easy.

If I can help it, I draw in 3D, so having the plans next to the elevs on another monitor would be extremely handy, and would improve workflow working on 3D elevs. Also I find workmates (who are not a familiar with VW) have trouble understanding the implications of what is happening in plan and how that relates to the elevs.

I tend to trace (in viewport annotations layer) over the 3D hidden line viewport to have the correct line weights and add notes and graphics for presentation. I find this is great way to maintain accuracy, and quickly pick up mistakes. Converting the model into polygons or lines is a nightmare (maybe I am missing something, but I alway end up with a million lines). As well, in multi-storey buildings, section viewports and the stair object are life savers in giving quick up to date info in tight spaces. One more reason I might follow this dual window idea.

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