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Is there a way to snap on the pages in the sheetlayer, so I can put the drawing border on the good location? Espacially when I have multiple pages.

At the moment I use the drawing border of the Tool Set. Lck and fit to page so I have snap points at the outer corners. Then put another drawing border to the wanted page size and snap it to the corner of the first drawing border. Then I delete the first drawing border and copy the second to the rest of the pages. Well not the easiest way right?

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Well, I use multiple sheetlayers. It depends the reason of the pdf I make.

I like it to have a kind of booklet form (bit indisign feeling). A front, then everypage an other floor situation etc, upt to maybe say 10 to 20 pages. So then when I print pdf I have a kind of pdf booklet. Mostly an A4/A3 page setup

Other thing is that now I can select all the title blocks at once and change the date at once.

Also sometimes it is easy when doing double sided pages for layouting. I can see the overall look of it.

I use then other sheetlayers for posters A0/A1 and other formats, or trials.

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How about drawing a line along the horizontal and vertical axis snapping to the printable area corners. Then use the Modify:Drafting Aids:Line Into Segments command. Check only the Place Loci box and enter the number of pages wide or high. Repeat for the other axis. This will give you locus points in each directions that you can either get extension lines from, or use to draw construction lines.

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In a way that's what I'm doing, I even created a loci symbol palette for differnt paper sizes. But when I'change the page count from even to uneven then I heave to move everything again to half a page.

It's not that i don't reach my purpose, but I hoped it could be reached on an easier way.

But thanks Pat

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Maybe just create some blank pages? Is you have 6 sheets (2 columns x 3 rows) and you need one more sheet, what about adding 4 more (2 columns x 5 rows). this should put two blanks at the top and two blanks at the bottom. Then you just need to remember to set the pages to print or deal with the blank pages that print. Might be easier than having to move everything.

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