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General Extrusion Issues

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I'm mildly proficient in CAD and attempting to do something which may be a bit over my head. I work in the entertainment industry and I get 2D plans from promoters/venues/eventcompanies, etc....What I need to do is extrude these plan views so that I can place my sound, lighting and video gear into a 3D environment and show the client what the finished product will look like. Does anyone know of some existing resources that I can study to learn the issues with 2D to 3D extrusion? Any information will help. Thanks!

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Woodhead -- Sounds like we have the same job. Mind if I ask who you work for? As for your question, it's a fairly easy process to convert to 3D. Most any 2D object can be extruded by selecting the object and sipmly: CNTRL+SHIFT+E. You will then be asked to enter a Z height value. symbols can be extruded in the same fashion in the Organize-Edit Symbol pull down menu.

Hope this helps.

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