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Help setting up workgroup folders on server

RickS - Lab 8


We are trying to setup some office standards in workgroup folders on a shared drive. We have tried several different various of folder structure and file locations, but VW doesn't seem to recognize all the files?

Specifically, files like Title Blocks or Repetitive units don't show up in the pull down options when you want to place them. It seems to recognize wall types.

I have attached a PDF of the folder structure we are using. It is based on the VW folder structure.

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Rick, from my experience a better way to share resources is to use one machine as a master to propagate to other machines. In our office we use Apple Remote Desktop but there will be a Windows app with the same capabilities.

This is far more robust in my opinion as it puts the resources locally on people machines, doesn't rely on 100% network up time, and allows people on laptops to work with up-to-date resources when they?re out of the office.

The only downside is that other people can?t update the resources themselves, but that could be considered a positive depending on how you look at it.

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Thanks for the input. I am not sure if we would like to work that way. Currently, we have two workstations and one "Pseudo" Server. We are both running VW 2009 on our machines and would like the ability to access and modify the Office Standard files.

Since our "Server" is the machine that is on most of the time and we are using it as the repository for other office standards, we would like to continue a similar setup for VW.

If VW cannot work that way, i am not sure why they have the work group files???

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