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VectorWorks 2009 - Virus Detected in Install File!

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Hi there,

I am writing here because the people at the help-desk in both countries (USA and UK) keep saying that they have no idea what I am talking about.

But after 5 scans, I still keep seeing a virus embedded in your install file! Here's a screen shot of the virus:


(Image will expand if clicked on)

I use Sophos Anti-Virus, and this is the student edition of VectorWorks.

Here's the details of the viral infection:


Although it's rated as a 'low-level' infection, I am surprised that it has not been rectified. I am not worried since once the application is installed the infection seems to go.

I was just wondering if you were aware of this.

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I use AVAST and I have had two instances of false positives in other files/applications so if you have received and official disc, it is either going to be a false positive or some infection that occurred during transfer from DVD to hard disc - ie your machine already is infected.

The false positive theory is also strengthened by the fact that others have not reported it.

One of my false positives was with a widely distributed file (possibly iTunes IIRC)gave a different result whether it was scanned by an XP machine (which gave false positive) or my Vista machine (which scanned no virus found) even though the Virus scanner and signature file were identical and it was one in the same file on a shared disc.

I did investigate the issue and found that some others had also reported it. The next signature file update a few hours later seemed to 'cure' the issue.

Some virus scans simply involve pattern matching and it is easy to see that this pattern can occur in normal use so would be flagged as a false positive.

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I figured it was a false positive. Especially since the A/V does not pick it up once the program is installed on a client machine. I just wanted to point this out to the staff considering that when I called them they had no idea what I was talking about.

Anyway, I called Sophos and told them about it, and they're looking into it as well.

And Avast did not pick it up for me in 1 pass. I had to do thorough cleaning at level 5 before it picked it up.

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Guest jkelly

Although I suspected it was a false alarm, just to be sure I manually ran a full virus scan on the machine that builds that archive, and it came up clean. Must be a false alarm.

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