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Animation Compression settings

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Hello fellow VW obsessives-

Everytime I do an orbit animation in high quality, it fails (after several hours). I am attempting a ten second animation, with a lot of detail, hundreds of image props, final rendereworks,lighting, etc. -- a large file of 49 MB.

I am using the default settings for key frame and frames per second. I have read the Quicktime link and understood some of it. Some attempts at changing the key frame rate and the compression type to PAL or some other types have resulted in an error message.

Anyone have some experience with this? Recommendations?

This will eventually be shown on a website and possibly on television, if I'm lucky.


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First, 10sec @ 25fps is not extreme nor is 49mb excessively large.

That being said ... the question is how large is the frame in dpi ?

"and the compression type to PAL " is wrong...

PAL is not a compression algorithm .. it's a display standard based on the dpi of the frame ( PAL=720x576) & ( NTSC=640x480).

Try using a standard Quicktime export to web @ 320x240 with a native compressor.

This will show your work and any flaws. Then move on up to a larger frame.

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Ah right-- my ignorance is showing. It is listed as a "Compression Type" under the Quicktime options in the Model > Create Animation dialogue box.

How large is the frame in dpi you ask? Well, dunno. I started with a saved view, zoomed to where the pixel size looks to be about 1200 x 800ish. This is where I started my 'create animation'.

>Try using a standard Quicktime export to web @ 320x240 with a native compressor.<

Okay. I assume you mean Export >Export Quicktime VR object; I would make the entire drawing my "selected object" I suppose. I can't wrap my head around the idea of horizontal and vertical frames. Seems like they would all be vertical if you wanted to sweep around a scene without the viewer seeming higher or lower.

A native compressor... do you mean VW native? Let VW do the compressing? Because I don't see an option box for other choices.

Will give it a go and get back to you. Thanks for the info!

P.S. just tried the panorama quicktime feature...muahahaha,that's cool. And the file was only 256 kb! The first animation that I did was over 1 GB.

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