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Insert Soffit Problem

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Test file attached.

Added. Yes, using >AEC>'Create roof...' tool.

It's what I consider a simple roof shape.

The soffit seems to display fine until the last hip is altered to a gable.

I have checked the polygon making sure it is closed prior to the using the AEC>Create roof tool.

I have altered the direction of altering the hips to gables as well to see if that does anything, but no change.

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j.christ the simple solution to your problem in the interim might be to model the soffits yourself.

You could also ungroup a duplicate of the roof object and extract the horizontal soffit surfaces and vertical ends for re-use. Replace the wrong soffit ends with correct ones.

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The ungroup a duplicate seemed like it would be quicker, particularly if you need to make changes:

- Copy the roof object.

- open a new file and Paste in Place.

- Ungroup the roof object.

- Select and Copy the soffit 3D polygons you need.

- Return to the original drawing.

- Delete the soffit 3D polygons you want to replace.

- Paste in Place the new soffit 3D polygons.

It woud definetely be quicker when you have variable eaves overhangs.

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