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Bow Windows

Keith W

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The best way I have found to do these types of windows is to create walls (usually straight wall sections at appropriate angles to each other, but could be curved walls...) that are very thin and then insert windows into the walls such that most (or all) of the wall is occupied by the window(s). If needed you can also create a floor for the sill, and a roof or roof face for the roof (or top) of the unit.

Because all (or nearly all) glazing is actually flat, this method is workable. If you want, you can create a GROUP or a SYMBOL of all the walls, floors, roofs and the inserted window PIO's. That makes it easy if you ever need it again...

Hope that helps ;-)

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I use Windoor to create these types of windows. Windoor 14 for Vectorworks 2009 has the ability to set the length of the window and the angle of the jamb from the wall. Even with windoor, you still need to draw the walls as Peter suggests.

the online user group has covered windoor in the past, subscribers can download the back issue.

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