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11.5.1 user-will it run on a Mac pro running OS 10.4.11 ??

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My G5 just went Kaput ! Cooling system failure. I'm not ready to spend the $$

or go through the learning curve to update my software to "2009".

Facing a decision about buying a new or used Mac, if I buy a new Mac with the Pentium chip and install OS 1.4.11 Operating System will the machine run Vectorworks 11.5.1 without issues?

Has anyone out there done this.

I heard that 11.5.1. won't run on OS 10.5


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Thanks, but what I'd like to know is if I can run vectorworks 11.5.1 on an intel chip machine.

The Mac Pro's come with 10.5 loaded but I would reload it with 10.4.11 Operating System in order to use my existing Vectorworks software, (I think you can do that).


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If 11.5.1 runs on Intel, it will be running in the Rosetta emulation layer.

I don't think that you can run any of the current shipping machines on OS 10.4. The original Core2 and Core2 Duo machines MAY be able to run 10.4, but check the Apple web site before buying.

If you really don't want to have to upgrade your VW, my recommendation would be to buy a used G5 machine and start budgeting for Intel and VW upgrades the next time it dies.

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Up until about 7 months ago I was running 11.5 in OS 10.4 on a G4 MDD tower.

Performance for simple 2d wasn't very different than 2009 in OS10.5 on MacPro.

It is true that 11.5 won't run in OS10.5. You get extreme screen artifacts and other bizarre behavior.

And it's also true that you can't instal an OS earlier than that which comes with the machine.

We were forced to upgrade vWorks when we got the MacPro.

Turns out I'm really quite happy about that, by the way.

(Confirmation from some-one who's been around this race-track fairly recently.)

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