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Booms and Vertical Positons again


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I know this is a topic that has been covered a number of times. However I am interested to see if anyone has any new insight. I am doing a theatre drawing with box booms. What is the best way to have this information appear correctly in both 2d and 3d? So I have 5 levels of lights stacked on top of each other because they have different z heights, but I want to be able to see them clearly in 2d. Thoughts?

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There is a tool in 2009 that does this. It has a few limitations but it's close.

In 2008 for box booms this is what I usually do:

Create a few classes. 5 to start. Something like Box-13', Box-15', Box-17', Box-19', Box-21' you get the idea.

Set all those classes to invisible.

Go to the each class, one at a time, and insert the units. You can save a lot of time by duplicating the first level (class) into the other levels (classes), and then just changing the Z and instrument type as necessary.

Then I create a cropped viewport that goes on the Sheet Layer, that is cropped to show only that box boom. Duplicate it 5 times and make each Box Boom class visible in one of them. Spread them out as needed for visibility.

You can also put the viewports into design layers, but IMO, that just adds more navigating.

The good thing about this method is that all your lights will still render, draw beam, calculate footcandles correctly, and appear in the correct place in section and elevation.

The bad thing is that when creating the plot you have to jump classes a lot and be careful not to put other instruments into the box boom classes.



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Now, that is easy ;-) Dunno if this is best and fastest, but it appears correctly in the drawings and renderings:

Let's have 3 lamps in the booms: Shins, Mids, Heads.

You have to have 3 different symbols for

1. Profile Shins (0,20m)

2. Profile Mids (1,00m)

3. Profile Heads (1,80m)

So, Duplicate the original "Profile" fixture-symbol into an "Profile-Shins", "Profile-Mids", and so on.

(Advanced users: To have each of these new symbols being updated with the correct native symbol appearance, don't Duplicate your "Profile" symbol, but select the original "Profile" symbol and convert this into a new "Profile-Heads", ... symbol that consists of a "Profile" symbol.)

For each of these, edit both 3d and 2d appearances.

E.g. for the Heads:

In "Edit 3d", switch to "Front View", Select All and Move (all of the symbols components) by [x = 0, y = 1,8]. Now everything appears at an altitude of 1,8m in Front View.

In "Edit 2d", Select All and Move (all of the components) to where you want them to appear in 2d, e.g. [x = -1, y = -1]

This will result in

_ appearing 3d at the correct altitude

_ appearing 2d shifted x- and y-wise, so the symbols don't overlap

Note that the insertion point for any symbol (in 2d and 3d) still is [0, 0]. This means, you can insert the "Shins", "Mids", "Heads" symbols with the same (real) xy-coordinates, but the 2d and 3d display will be off this insertion point.

This method will result in a lot of 1st, 2nd, 3rd... xth height symbols for SR (and the same amount for SL fixtures), but you could have these in a seperate "Booms" Folder in your Symbol Defs File and even make two symbols "Boom SR" and "Booms SL" out of the components of one boom.

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