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VW2009 SP3

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Well VW2009 SP3 is here...congrats Nemet and crew. It's been well worth the wait (so far) and you have the list of fixes available too. All the of the bugs I have had so much frustration working with and around have now gone. Even the Snap Loupe works over BMP's, JPG's and PDF's.

Yet to really test SP3, so am trialing an old and new file this coming w/e. I will withhold my excitement and other comments until my trialing is over.

(Tip) Load VW2009 again into a new folder in "program files" then do the SP3 update to that install, so as not to affect either SP1 or SP2 installs. As there is no rewind or uninstaller for service packs (as I understand). This then eliminates frustration if the SP3 update does effect your previous installs of VW2009.

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Guest jkelly

There is no rewind or uninstaller for service packs, but unlike in 2008 the previously released service packs will now only update to the Service Pack they were originally designed to go to. Meaning if people have a problem with a newer service pack, and for example they want to go back to service pack 1, they can reinstall from DVD and apply the service pack 1 update and they will get service pack 1.

That may sound confusing, but some may remember how early in 2008 the updaters would always download the latest update, so after SP2 was released, for instance, there was no way to go to SP1.

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