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Instrument Insert -> Symbols disapearing in SP3

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Good Morning,

I have a problem with VW2009 SP3, Mac Version. After updating from SP2 to SP3, als Symbols I am trying to insert via the Instrument Insert Tool are disapering after I inserted them.

E.g. make a Circle, Modify->Convert to Symbol, activate the symbol in the Resource Browser and then insert the Circle with the Instrument Insert Tool.

The only way to have the inserted instruments to reappear is :

1. Edit something in the Obj Info of the Symbol or

2. Modify->Refresh Instruments

The Intruments are in the drawing and can be selected (if you know where they are or by Command-A), but the are not drawn on screen.

SP2 did not show this behavoir..... this also happens with all my other symbols, not only with new converted one..

Ideas? Anyone?

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