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SP3 Install



I have just installed SP3 and Vectorworks will not run at all. This was on MacBook Pro.

I then reinstalled VW and loaded SP2 with the same result.

We are NZ agents and have a client who has experienced same on their machine. Suggest if you are going to attempt this you should take a back up.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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Guest jkelly

Hi Bill. You can email me directly with your install/update logs.

Could you also tell me a little more about what happened? You said you reloaded VW and updated to SP2 with the same result... does that mean that it was still crashing then even without upgrading to SP3?

Have you tried updating to SP3 since you did the Application Delete?

Anyone else concerned about the update should go ahead and apply it, we aren't aware of any systemic problems with the update.

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I updated to SP3 last night, and immediately noticed a significant slowdown for zooming. It takes about 1-1.5 seconds for the new zoom resolution to "lock", whereas before the update, zooming was pretty smooth.

I ran disk utilities, updating permissions and that seemed to fix it, although it does still seem a wee bit more sluggish when zooming.

I had a possible file corruption issue that took place. After the upgrade, I was unable to import classes from the file that I was working on just before the upgrade. Other files as sources were fine (not v2008 files, which I think is a big mistake on NNA's part, not supporting their own files!).

The solution was to run the two update commands: Update Plug-in Objects and Reset Plug-Ins. I saved out a new version of the file, and was then able to import classes to a new file from that "cleaned" file. Y'all may want to watch for this, and perhaps run these commands, as the updater installs many replaced structural Plug-Ins. Just an FYI.

Other than that, the update went smoothly and all seems good.

The custom door leaf bug is still unfixed, though. :(. Oh well, can't get 'em all in the first pass.

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I'm still having slow zooming and viewport updating after updating to SP3. Even navigation seems to have slowed down some. It's really noticeable now, and I cannot work for longer than a couple of hours before I have to clear out caches and restart the app. Occasionally when I select a VP for updating, click the update button, nothing happens. This is also new.

I've already run disk utilities after updating, as well as updated my plug-ins and reset them all.

I did not have this problem with SP2. Anyone else experiencing this?


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Guest jkelly

Charlie, you might want to start a new thread in the General Discussion area on this, as it gets more traffic. People often only venture down here if they are having problems with their installation.

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