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Exporting Classes

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I have a file that I've created many custom classes and quite a few custom styles (wall styles, in particular). I'd like to be able to export all these so that I can then easily import them into my base new project template. I don't want to use the file itself as a template, as it has so much other drawing data in it that I don't want in my template.

Custom wall styles can be imported into my template as a resource from my other file, but how do I do this for classes?

Possible? How, please?


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Actually I just discovered the answer.

Both classes and wall styles can be imported into any document, but in different ways.

1. Wall Styles are imported as resources from any docuemnt through the Resource Browser.

2. Classes can be imported by going to the Organization window (Classes tab), selecting "New...", and then selecting the "Import" radio button. From there, navigate to any file and you can selectively import classes that are in that document in the same way one imports classes standards.


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Import Classes:

- Organisation dialog box

- New Class dialog box

- Choose Import Classes option.

- Navigate to the source drawing and select the required Classes from its Classes list.

- Repeat as necessary.

Note: The same process can be used with Design Layers and Sheet Layers.

Import Wall Styles:

- Navigate to the source drawing and select the required Wall Styles.

- Right click and select Import from the pop-up list.

Once you have your new drawing as you want it with Design Layers, Sheet Layers and Classes save it as a Template file so you can then use this template for new documents.

Note: You can also set Tool preferences as part of a template file. Select the tool and without placing an object on the drawing set its preferences. These settings will then be remembered as part of this document. Text can also be set this way.

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