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Class visibilities in sheet layers

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So, I have a sheet layer with a few viewports on it, and a title block. I also have a few lines and bits of text drawn directly on the sheet layer (ie. not within a viewport).

The problem is that whenever I navigate to this sheet layer using the layers drop-down box, these lines do not show because they are in an invisible class. So I switch on that class, and it's all fine. But then, if I navigate away to another sheet layer or something, and then come back again, the lines have disappeared because the class is once again invisible. So I have to switch on the class again.

Is there any way of permanently changing which classes are visible in a sheet layer, so that when I come back to it next time they will still be there?

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Hi Colin,

You could make a saved view that applies the desired sheet layer and class visibilities. This would appear in the dropdown to the right of the layer dropdown in the view bar. The saved views can also be accessed from a double-clickable palette.


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As a general rule, everything on my sheet layers is assigned to the "None" class, including Viewports.

I never turn "None" invisible, so I never have to worry about something disappearing from view when navigating sheet layers.

I am pretty sure this is a common practice. The saved-view suggesting seems fine too, but I have not needed to use it.

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Thanks for the replies - yes, I sometimes use the saved views myself - but it kind of seems like a doubling-up of effort.

As for making everything on sheet layers "none", the reason I don't do this is that I have standard line types and so on for drawing borders etc., so have these set up as classes so I don't have to set them manually each time.

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