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Viewport Class Overides

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Hi All

I am getting frustrated with Viewport Class Overrides.

I have roofs and roof faces. They are all on class Roof-Main, which is set to 'use at creation'. All the roofs and roof faces have attributes set to 'use by class' (class style) etc.

In my floor plan viewport I set the roof-main class to override so that only an outline of the roof will show. I do this by class override, so that Roof-Main has a dashed line and no fill.

But only one of the roof faces accepts the class override correctly.

The funny thing is, the override is partially working. If I change the color of the lines using calss overrides, then that works on all the roofs.

The dashes only show on the one roof face, which also correctly displays the fill or hatch that I set in the class override.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance. Mat

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In other words: go to the Design Layer in which the offending object(s) reside, select the object(s), use the little pulldown at the bottom of the attributes palette to "Make All Attributes By Class". Now go back to the VP, select it and update....

Let us know if this works...

I don't have a pulldown at the bottom of the attributes pallet.

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