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Are you kidding - 2009????

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I upgraded about 45 days ago, and just now started using 2009. I can't complete 15 minutes of work without crashing. Its not as if I am importing old files and something in those is problematic, I am actually starting from scratch. The program says I am updated - this is ridiculous. Of course I am now past the 30 day return....wow, this is really bad and now will scrap using 2009 for now since I need to get work done. Please fix this so my faith can be restored in Nemetschek.

By the way, I am using a Dell XPS Quad - 3 gig ram, Vista 32 bit

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The problem is that my video card driver can only be "Dell" approved. The last time I updated my video driver via AMD's website download, my driver had to be re-set with the (older) version Dell tested to make sure it works with all their other hardware. I am currently using the most up-to-date driver Dell provides for my system. Don't ask me to explain why that would be the case, since it is ridiculous. But as some have commented here, it does not seem like this should be the problem. None of my other programs have this issue??

So I guess I have to wait until either Dell or Nemetschek do something about it...

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I actually took the chance with the new driver and it worked fine (unlike the last time I tried). So...Vectorworks 2009 now works like a charm. Wow - I can't imagine how this could be such an issue, but now that it is fixed I am so happy.

THANK you guys for helping me through that!!!! You really helped me....


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Good to hear.

I remember putting up with crashes for ages until finally I simply updated the video driver and voila. I tried updating quicktime, downdating quicktime, updating VW, updating windows, buying more RAM, and on and on. Seacrhing the tech boiard and trying all the suggestions.

But simply updating the video driver fixed all my crashes.

One of the techboard posts was from a VW Engineer which simply said "we have found most crashes can be traced back to outdated video card drivers."

So there you have it.


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