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rendering problem

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I made it through all the tutorials I could and seemed to have a grasp on rendering but I guess not. I am working on a design and would like to provide a simple 3-D presentation and am having troubled applying textures to structure walls and landscape walls. It shows the texture is associated with my walls but when I render it the walls disappear all together. If I hover over them the outline appears. I have tried changing the attributes with no luck. Any suggestions?

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Thanks for the reply Ray, but that does not seem to be the problem. Another issue I am having which may be related is everytime I render in any mode, I get an error saying insufficient memory. I have a make with 4GB memory and the file is roughly 50mb so I wonder if it is a glitch with the program? Definately could be operator error as well! Please let me know what you think.

Thanks again

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