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Can anyone tell me how you get the worksheet file included in the 'Plant Objects.vwx' to become visible in the drawing for printing purposes ???

I can open this document but am having a hard time figuring out how to make it visible in a sheet or design layer.

Thanks, everyone has been most helpful with other questions I have had.


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Not sure about that. But you can change the font size which essentially accomplishes the same thing:

1. Double click on the plant list to bring up the worksheet.

2. Select whichever row or column, or the upper left cell to select the whole worksheet.

3. Click the small triangle in the worksheet tool bar.

4. Select Format Cells, then Fonts, then input your size.

5. If you use a large size, you may need to adjust the row height via the same triangle menu, then Auto Fir Row Height.

I typically to put the plant list on a sheet layer instead of a design layer so that the size is relative to printing. Otherwise, the plant list will be microscopically sized.

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The way to scale it is to double click it to edit the worksheet and reduce the font size and column widths and row heights (from the little black triangle pull down menu over the row headers.

If it ends up too small to read to work with when it is the proper scale to print, you can set the Zoom from the same menu to make it bigger in edit mode.

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