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Great leap forward and rehabilitation of counter-upgradionary elements

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Advice sought.

I have been in contact with a number of former VW users who might be willing to repent in order to have access to my suite of add-ons. At the same time I am, pro bono, helping someone whose last contact with VectorWorks was VW 9. He finds 2009 incomprehensible, dreadful, AutoCAD-like program for propeller-head engineers, with nothing to do with the simple elegance of MiniCAD. (Mind you, he's not the only one I know who thinks the same way.)

Would any recovered non-upgraders be willing to share their experiences? Give pointers to a seven or twelve step program or self-help guides? A list of things that have changed?

It seems that I can't tell these people that it'll all be hunky dory.

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