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Overlay mode not printing properly

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I am drawing a filled polyline over an imported TIFF.

It is on an upper layer set to Overlay. Thus the details of the tiff show through the filled object. This is how I want it.

However when I come to print the layer mode acts like Paint: ie I cannot see the tiff through the object as I can on the screen.

I am using VW 8.5.2 on Mac OS 9.0.4 on G4 with loads of memory. Printing with Laserwriter 8.

Very grateful for any advice.

Colman Stephenson


Colman Stephenson

Julian Harrap Architects, UK

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You should export to a pixel format (jpeg, bmp etc.) and print the exported image. Few printers support transfer modes. The PostScript language does not natively support transfer modes. If you wonder how some packages seem to support them, it is similar to what I have mentioned here: create a bitmap and print the bitmap.


Robert McBride

Software Engineer

Nemetschek N.A. Inc


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Thanks for your response.

Unfortunately all too often I find the exporting (and importing) of image files into VW unreliable.

The following link will download you two files, a VW file and the resultant Jpeg which is badly garbled. This sort of problem affects TIFFS also. Sometimes the imported image is curiously and randomly cropped. Is this something to do with exporting VW files which themselves have imported image files?


I am using VW 8.5.2, QT 5, OS 9.0.1 on G4s and iMacs.

These problems also existed when using QT 4

Thanks for your help


Colman Stephenson

Julian Harrap Architects, UK

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