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What did you guys do to this program?

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If you would like we have 2 pages of bugs (all mac) we would be happy to send to you.

By all means.

Send your report to bugsubmit@nemetschek.net and it will be entered into our bug tracking system. We are actively fixing problems reported against VectorWorks 9.

Paul C. Pharr

CAD Software Manager

Nemetschek North America

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Your news letter states that this is the most stable version ever! Who tested this thing? Was a Mac version ever tested?

I have used this program for 4 years now, and this is the worst release I have seen. I am very discouraged, and afraid to work in VW9. Nothing works correctly. I just lost an hours work because of the undo / group bug. If you would like we have 2 pages of bugs (all mac) we would be happy to send to you.



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We have used this program for since Version 2.0 (MiniCad) - I agree with you that this is the worst release ever, however, the company has always done a great job and the program has always been one of the best available (the best when you consider the cost and abilities!). Hang in there! They will fix the v.9 problems - in the mean time go back to 8.5.2 if you have it, if not, contact VW and see if they will let you have it until the bug fix comes out. In my opinion, it would be a waste of time to send v9 back, the program will again rise to the level it has always atained in the past! VW or Bust!

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I'm not in sales, so I won't attempt to state our official policy. My understanding, though (and you might want to check this with our sales team: 410-290-5114), is that if you bought VectorWorks from us, you've got 90 days to decide whether or not to keep it. If you bought it somewhere else, you'll need to check with their sales department, but you probably only get 30 days.

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VW is a great program, but this version is in trouble, I think with a patch or two it will come around..... What We Need Is A Official Responce Telling Us....When That Will Be??? And When It will be Apple OS X Capable tongue.gif

Come on friends...talk to us... smile.gif

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