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The Shard

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I think we can all agree that the name "The Shard" is hard to swallow : )

My best girl friend... a literary genius & world traveller who speaks multiple languages including Italian...

agrees that shard = broken. I asked her to suggest a new name:

From Kelly R. Potts:





Stiria (the Latin for Icicle) same connotation as shard --- but without the negative connotations... (i thought of an icicle off of a glacier when I first saw the building)


Spira ends with an open aspirant vowel --- sound which goes up... with links to inspiration, breath, spiral, spire...

+ the architect was Italian for Christ's sake ----- the name was staring him in the face!! Perhaps not exotic enough so his firm had to reach into English...

Did nobody at those discussions try the phrase, "Hey, do you you want to meet me for a drink at The Shard?"


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whats wrong with shard, im guessing it is supposed to be like a shard of glass, which i think it looks like, i like it and i think it suits the design.

spira, conica and vitra sound like comic book characters/ kids tv characters

london has one of my favourite buildings, the gherkin, it doesnt matter what it is called, it looks amazing, and a bit like a gherkin.

if this looks like a shard of glass why not call it that

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A lukewarm response all round then.

Well, I like it a lot - I see elements that remind me of the Tjibaou Cultural Centre in New Caledonia that he did some years ago, that spiky, tepee look at the top. The idea of having retail on the ground with offices above, then a hotel above that, finished off with apartments, makes the taper eminently logical. And the shadow is minimised, and falls on the river anyway.

The presentation is amazing - they've inserted the model into a video, and even the trains, vehicles and people are moving, that's pretty cool. Any ideas on how it was done and with which program(s)?

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