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New to Vectorworks, help with eyebrow dormer

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I've been trying to get help on the forum to build a roof with an eyebrow dormer. There has only been one example that came close to what I wanted. Yet there are few steps provided as to how this was achieved.If I was working for NNA I would try and provide these steps. It seems like people working for NNA are not interested in influencing the sales of vectorworks. The only one who really tried to help was Ray Libby but I'm still in the dark as to how one properly applies the shingle texture. If this is due to commitments elsewhere I understand but you would think that in the vectorworks community there would be somebody to do this, especially since I have offered to pay to have this done. My trial version of vectorworks has run out so I failed to achieve what I set out to acieve. Even if I had RTFM as one person suggested in a personal message to me I still don,t think it would have enabled me to achieve what I wanted. I can purchase Rhino 3d for about 400 dollars us and may do this instead of putting out the 2ooo dollars for vectorworks because no one in the vectorworks community is really interested in helping me achieve what I had hoped to achieve. If my local vectorworks rep can't help me I don't see much point in purchasing vetorworks. An eyebrow dormer tutorial would only help the sales of vectorworks. At least that is the way I see it.

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brent ... rest assured that 'eyebrow' dormers are not outside the scope of VW by any means. Admittedly, VW does provide a parametric solution, but you could use the standard RoofTool and then decompose/ungroup it to add or subtract the necessary components. Or just start form scratch and punch a hole into one of the faces.

Sorry that nobody chose to create this simple assembly for you.

A quick search of Google images:



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A brief tutorial showing how to create a roof part with smooth transitions to the main roof surface.

To add textures:

- Select the roof object and via the Render tab on the OIP apply the required texture to the top surface of the roof object.

- Enter the eyebrow roof part group and select the top surface only. Apply the texture to this.

Note:- To get the texture mapping close to correctly you will need to adjust its mapping (rotation and X and Y). To get it perfect you will probably need to create a texure that flares to the length of the top and bottom nurbs curves.


I've been in these forums for a while and from my memory this is the first time I've seen the question of how to model an eyebrow dormer asked. The only place I've seen them is in Europe.

There used to be a 3D PowerPack webpage with tutorials and some Advanced 3D Modeling movies that would have helped you, but these seem to be no longer available. They have not been replaced with anything useful, which is very unfortunate.

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Mike! Thanks for creating the tutorial. Where can Brent send the money? Some of us have also created tutorials (http://converttolines.blogspot.com) and will accept money anytime!

NNA has been glacially slow at populating the tutorials rack. They are getting better--there is a very new one, perhaps not yet ready to be turned loose into the general population, on exhibit design that is wonderful and should be seen by anyone and everyone who uses VectorWorks.

Brent: if you learn any tricks of your own along the way to becoming good at eyebrow dormers, pass em on!

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Mike my demo version of vectorworks has run out. I installed the vectorworks viewer but it won't render any of the textures so I cannot even look at your example. Mike I've heard of the Medecins Sans Frontieres. I believe they do some good work. I won't be purchasing vectorworks for a couple of months. Can you do a screen capture with camtasia or windows media encoder so I can see how the shingles line up. My email address is bkjernisted@kmts.ca. Thanks!

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I've tried mapping one of the standard texture shingles onto the roof and eyebrow dormer surface. Its close but not perfect. To get it perfect a new texture would need to be made for the eyebrow dormer top surface scaled only in the vertical direction to 94%. The H direction needs to remain at 100%.

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Eyebrow Dormer windows are very prevalent in the Shingle Style fashioned in the North East of the USA, Arts and Crafts style had some of these dormer features but usually more fluid in appearance.

Brent is correct to some extent, his initial post had very limited response, and unless you are very familiar with the tools available one would think this is not possible.

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Mike here is a file where I have 2 profile nurbs curves on the back of my house. Between the profile curves I have another nurbs curve. Loft can be used to create the eyebrow roof. Where do I go from here. Is this not going to build a nurbs surface. I'm going to look up faceted surface on the internet but what do you mean. Try lofting thes curves and see what you come up with. What would you do to build this nurbs surface.

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Jonathan with the help I've been given you can see what has been created. Mike Oz has explained how to adjust textures in the object info pallette. His offset h and offset v's are in percentages;mine show up in inches. No one has told me how to get these to show up as percentages but I know someone will help me if I mention this difference. Using his advice in the object info pallette won't provide me with a solution to getting the textures right. Nobody has shown me the correct way to build the roof and the dormer. The only advice I was given as far as the structure of the roof goes was to convert my roof profiles to nurbs to create a loft solid or extrude along a path. This did not get me very far because it doesn't allow me to texture the roof properly. Ray Libby helped me out with texturing the roof but not with getting the shingles to line up. I posted my files on the forum to see if anyone else could get the texturing right. So far nobody has done that. Mike Oz has presented pictures and has come awfully close to producing a perfect texturing job. Mike obviously knows how to create the 2 roof structures and he may eventually give me help in this direction. Wes Gardner provided one of the closest example to what I wanted. [deleted]. I could never get the draped surface to work and and no one has provided me with solutions. I'm quite new to modeling and have searched out all the tutorial sources I could find. The structure without textures I built is the closest to what I wanted, the sole advice being to convert the dormer profiles to nurbs or extruding along a path. So nobody has provided me with a suitable solution. [deleted]. A month ago today you stated "the online user group will be covering complex roofs, dormers and an eyebrow dormer in the near future" I specifically asked that they cover the eyebrow dormer that I posted. Once someone has recreated this dormer in a screen capture tutorial they will get paid. I admit that outside the topic "eyebrow tutorial" the user group has been helpful. When I modeled my dormer I also modeled the window from scratch.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee


Please e-mail me at wgardner@vectorworks.net and I'll attach my file so you can "reverse engineer" it.

I tried your e-mail several days ago but it was kicked back for some reason.

My drawing file is in 2009 format - is that acceptable?

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Getting the texturing right will determine whether I buy vectorworks design series and interiorcad.

I don't think VW/Renderworks supports UV mapping which is what you're looking for. Even with Rhino 3d, it may be a complicated process if not impossible since it's more of a nurbs-based modeler rather than a surface-based app. I would suggest a more dedicated rendering software such as Cinema 4d or 3D studio if you really need more texture mapping options.



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