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EXport 3D DWG

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The answer is to be in 3d mode, not 2d... All of my symbols are hybrid symbols. Make sure you are in 3d Plan, or a 3d Isometric, and then do the DWG/DXF export. If you are in 2d Plan, it will only export 2d, and in 3d Plan, the 3d... I have Autocad 2007, and VW 2009, and this works perfectly.

The "zero" key is 2d plan, the "five" key is 3d plan (on the numpad)

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I do this pretty regularly. Go to a top view not a top plan view and export to either .dwg,.dxf, or .3ds. It is simple then import or merge into your 3dstudio scene.

It will ask you all sorts of import options and just choose what is right for you.

Shoot me a message if you want a hand.


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Thanks MattG,

with those sizes it does make sence.


It is one way of working on drawings and by the sound of things it will benefit you seeing you work on different Design Layers and then wish to export all that you have done as one.

Play around with the function to link the layers you wish to export.

I work with +/- 5 DL and link 4 of them. PLAN and LIGHTING to FRONT and PRES layer.

I also when importing a ACAD plan layout of a venue link that layer to PLAN and keep it locked.

Hope you come right there.

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I tried your test 01 file and everything exported to 3D except for the hazers. I believe the step you are missing is "Align Layer Views". The All Lites view includes several layers; as mentioned, you must set the view to "Top" rather than "Top/Plan", but all layers must be set to this view to export 3D.

i.e. I opened your saved view, set the view to "Top", then "Align Layer Views", then exported and it worked fine.


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