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keeping drawing elements in the same place

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hi, often update my "latest" VW file by copying and pasting-in- place elements from a different version of that same drawing. That is, I might paste in a structural plan I've worked out on a differently named file (but that originated from the same drawing). I paste-in-place and it usually goes exactly where it should, but the process gets hairy when it doesn't. What makes this "shift" happen if I have not moved things around in neither drawing? Please advise

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You wouldn't, by any chance, have Rulers displayed?

They are the Rulers of the World (Coordinates). It may seem handy to move the ruler origin, but doing so moves the entire World.

When I use VectorWorks, said Humpty-Dumpty in a rather scornful voice, rulers mean exactly nothing, no more, no less. Therefore I turn them off.

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