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Double entries in Door Schedule Worksheet


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I have an issue in one document (this does not happen in a new file - even if I copy a 'damaged' door into a new file) where I am marking PIO doors to show 'On Schedule'. When I recalculate the worksheet any doors that are marked to show on worksheet are entered twice. If I 'select item' from the worksheet, it goes to the same door for both entries. Why am I getting two entries for each door in my worksheets in this one document? One more bit of background info is that the file was updated over the years from V9.x to V11 to V2009.

Has anyone else had this problem?

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I discovered that the double entries were caused by a viewport I had placed on a design layer (a building model I had placed on a site plan). Once I deleted the viewport of the building model and refreshed the door schedule worksheet the double entries went away.

Side note: Instead of deleting the troublesome viewport, I added stricter criteria on the worksheet's database - "List object whose... 'Layer' + 'is' + 'name of desired design layer'." I went on and specified each design layer I had doors on.

An alternate and more efficient method (I have quite a few floors with doors) instead stated 'Layer' + 'is not' + 'design layer with viewported building model'.

Thanks for your help!

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