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Dialog introduction please


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After 5 years of PIO scripting I have a fair idea of the workings to make a good PIO.

As an NZ architect we use a lot of timber construction, a timber framed wall is made up of a number of components, IE Frame, linging clading, insulation.

I have scripted objects for most of these individual objects, I also scripted a PIO that draws a Section through a wall. I use this all the time to quickly generate good looking drawings for developed design. However when I move onto Detailed design I pretty much have to draw over the top with the Component individual Objects.

I recently used CreateCustomPio to combine a the component PIO to make a TimberWallSectionPIO; LiningPIO, CladingPIO, InsulationPIO. I now have the ability to ungroup/convert the higher level TimberWallSectionPIO and have access to the smaller components if any adjustment needs to be made. (There are many more components like flashings also).

However doing this is adding a long list of parameters to the TimberWallSectionPIO.

I'd like to learn how to use a dialog, similar to the new Window and Stair tool. Looking at the function list it looks scary.

Can someone with a bit of experience post a sample of the basics?. I'm sure others in this fourm would be interested.

If you could use the example to draw simple rectangle, that has a dialog button on the PIO info window. Use of dialog changes the values of the width and height of the rectangle.

Many thanks to the guru who provides this post.

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Hi there Justin

This is John Greaney.

I have read your posting above and thought I had better touch base with you.

I am a Contract Detailer involved with the precut prenail industry.

Over the last few years I have developed a number of PIOs for the aid of detailing roof framing components.

Auckland's largest Precut Company using my software to produce all of there balance of roof. Rafters beams soffit/eaves framing. ( 13 Seats )

I also have created a number of PIO for the use in Architectural work that you would probably be interested in. I also use the Custom objects a lot.

I would also like to learn more about the method of utilising the more advanced Dialogs.


John Greaney

09 4433512

021 743573


VW2008 VW2009

Win Vista

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Pat and Petri are correct; the articles on VectorLab are incredibly helpful. If you're like me, you may need to read them several times for things to click - but WELL worth the time.

As to setting parameters, try a couple of things:

- As part of the initial dialog set-up, read current PIO settings into the dialog using the PIO OIP field names (Pwidth, Pheight, etc.) and calls like "SetItem," "SetEditInteger," etc. to transfer those values into the dialog.

- In the "OK" event, use "SetRField" to write the resulting constant values back to the PIO.

That help at all?

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thanks all who posted.

im cranking out a contract set this week and will have a crack soon. yes i read and re read all references. I think learning VS is mainly from trail and error. i look at my first scripts and think 'what a mess'. entering into new area that is know to be 'more difficult and risky' it would be good to see a basic complete script rather than snippets.

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