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Shortcuts to toggle between selection arrow and another function


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I know you can use the "x" on the keyboard to switch to the little selection arrow, rather than going to the tools palette, which is useful.

However I quite often am using, say, the trim tool (ie. the one with the scissors symbol that chops a bit of line out between two other lines it crosses), and am constantly switching back and forth from that to the selection arrow. (Trim a line, select a line and move it, trim something else, select a line and resize it, trim another line, etc.)

In this situation it would be really useful to toggle between the two tools with a keyboard shortcut. Basically what I want is a keyboard shortcut that will take you back to the tool you last used before using the selection arrow, whether that's the trim tool or something else.

Is there a way of doing this?

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The "boomerang" or "pause" mode is called activated with the space bar as Ray says.

Press the space bar and by default you get the Pan tool. Hit the X key, you get the 2D Selection tool. Select or move the object and release the spacebar and you are back to the tool you had selected.

Not quite as nice as a true toggle tool command, but not bad.

It might be possible to write a menu command that would toggle tools, but it would probably not be very convenient.

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