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more like hand drawn...

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does anyone have recommendations on making vectorworks look more like hand drawn designs. are you using the render command? shadows? what color for bluestone? please let me know if you have some suggestions or email me

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Humorous architectural anecdote:

Last year one of our hotel clients began condemning our preliminary RW ' realistic' 3D CAD renderings as not being esthetically pleasing.

He hired an off-island architect who simply took a few of our floor plans & elevations ... placed tracing paper over them

and proceeded to create his vastly superior 'esthetically pleasing hand drawn' plans using felt markers & #2 pencil.

Then the client eagerly sent them to us as an example of the way a 'real' architect works.

We then duplicated the 'hand drawn' look in Viewports using the 'Sketch' options.

The results were then printed and sent to the Owner ... who could not tell the difference between his 'real' and our 'fake' esthetically pleasing renderings.

The difference, of course, is that our rendering were derived from the actual VW CAD structural data whereas his 'real' architect simply resorted to using tracing paper over our plans & elevations.

Nevertheless, he billed the client to 'correct' the esthetic deficiencies in our renderings ( including a round trip flight to the islands and a weeks per diem stay at the hotel ) !

On our localized bitter-end... VW Sketch did it all in less than 30 minutes of effort ... : )

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how do you represent your designs? do you use wireframe or sketch. i am not happy as how my plant material looks, everything looks to animated. but if i render all my plants then that looks like it is to much, any recommendations?

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Have you seen a package called Piranesi?

This allows you to take a very basic 3D model then hand render it. By exporting a model in Piranesi format (or DXF), it uses clues from various attributes of the model, such as depth, materials and lighting/shadows to create a painting environment that is 3D, material and lighting aware. You can thus paint textures on to surfaces, place symbols/cutouts (people, plants etc) within the environment which generate 3D shadows and paint lighting effects. Once the scene is complete, you can then either render the scene using a built in style, or, combine it with further hand rendering. Piranesi also comes complete with a decent selection of plant cutouts which, as you hand 'paint' the final output, can be used as the base of many more plants.

The amount of time needed to generate and texture a very accurate 3D model is greatly decreased by using Piranesi. Many examples in the Piranesi gallery are generated from very basic models in Sketchup or from early drafts in Vectorworks. So it is possible to produce visualisation quite quickly from fairly early sages within a project.

I also have four basic examples of Piranesi sketches in my gallery. The Barnes garden took about 4 hours as I was learning on the job, the two Hampton Court gardens were low resolution and took about 1 1/2 between them and the school nursery took about 30 minutes, all once the underlying 3D model was in place.

There is also Photoshop etc that can also be used to 'distress' an image.

There is a free trial available from the Piranesi website and I am also a UK reseller of the product.

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how do you represent your designs? do you use wireframe or sketch. i am not happy as how my plant material looks, everything looks to animated.

In the example presented we just twiddled with the Sketch options to match the traced-over rendering style ... just to prove a point with the client ( who's a world class idiot anyway ; )

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have you ever looked at iSymbol.eu

They have all kind of symbols for landscape-design: everything has a handdrawn look, because it is handdrawn.

Your end result is an drawing which looks like you set iy upo by hand.

There are some symbol for free, at a free download page on the website

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