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Why use "saved view"

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For me & my work, saved views are a god send. My drawings get very cluttered & I have a hard snapping to the correct points.

With saved views I can set up my documents such that many classes will not be visible while I'm drawing in a design layer. I can quickly select from my preset saved views to toggle visibility on & off to avoid snapping to the wrong elements. This very helpful in 3d when I'm putting in trim such as baseboard, crown, chair rail...

The viewports on sheet layers organize everything for my printed documents, but the saved views really allow me to have a cleaner working environment to draw in.

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In my custom template I have the saved views already stored. So once I start a plot I can go directly to the view I want to start working in. After I finish the plot I go to each saved view creating a view port from them. the saved views help me tremendously when quickly moving from one view to another. It's nice to not have to work through the classes and layers to get the view you want every-time.

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I'm sorry could you explain or share this script that you use for updating VPs?

I mean correct me if I'm wrong but, what you are saying is, you have a script which updates a certain VP with the similar class visibilities of a saved view once you select it ? That's amazing, I would love something like that. You think you can explain this script?

Thank you.

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