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Page position/Smart Cursor

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Anybody have a sense how to scroll through sheets and remain in the same position? I have Center on Objects After Change preference checked assuming I would then be able to correlate changes on other levels but my page position seems to bounce willy nilly following some mysterious command. Comments?

Second comment, the smart cursor used to allow us to clear the position record (not sure of the proper term here) by double clicking on 'G' and establish a new 0,0 position, doesn't seem to work particularly well now, any clues what might have changed?

Thanks for your thoughts.

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1. How are you moving between sheet layers? I just tried it by switching with the Navigation Palette and everything stays in place here.

2. The G key still sets the Datum (the term you were looking for). You should not need to double click it, just hover over the point and hit G. It might not show up until you move the cursor away from the point. The other possibility is that the setting for the G key got changed in your workspace. Edit the workspace and check the Misc. Keys tab. Make sure that in the Other Keys box, that Set Datum is set to G.

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Thanks Pat and Benson,

I have to watch myself a little more carefully to diagnose the problem with screen position. I see that if I am switching between sheets position is constant unless scale changes but I'll try to reproduce original problem and get back to you.

Regarding setting the datum, I am unable to set Datum if the object is selected and moved before trying to reset. Seems that this was possible previously without releasing the object and clearing record, then reselecting with new 0,0 Datum - am I wrong about this?

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I just checked back in VW2008. The behavior in 2009 seems to be identical. If I have the floating data bar open to show all six fields (including the absolute X and absolute Y) and I drag an object and set a datum while I am dragging, the X&Y values do reset to zero. Other parameters like Length and Angle still refer to the original point.

The thing I see different between 08 and 09 is that 09 defaults to just the first two (primary) fields in the floating data bar.

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Thanks, Pat - so how does one open the six field data bar? The 'G' reset has no effect in the four field data bar once the object is selected and dragged until the object is released.

In an unrelated vein - do we have a reflected ceiling plan tool or recommended technique?



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1. If you click the black triangle at the right end of the Mode bar (second row at the top of the drawing window), you will get a set of options for the data displays. The last option of the third set (Show Primary, Secondary and Cursor Location) will show you all the data all the time. Or if you don't need it all the time, just hit tab to enter the display and tab over until all the fields are shown. You are correct that the relative information is based on where the object was originally located. Try it and see.

The "standard" way of doing ceiling plans is to use classes.

VW Doors and Windows use classes to swap the different parts that should be seen in plan and ceiling plan.

In Plan, the Ceiling-Main class should be turned off. This hides the wall lines across doors. The Sills class should be turned on. This shows the door swing and details.

In Ceiling Plan, Ceiling Main should be on and Sills should be off.

Try this on a simple drawing and see if it does what you need.

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Thanks again Pat. Well, I don't know what to say about the data display - it seems that no matter what the setting I get four fields of info. Secondary x and y positions are not offered.

Regarding the page position comment made earlier, I realize that I have been working to clean up sheets and have been going back and forth between the sheet and the design layer. I find that when going back to the sheet the view zooms down to some small point just off of the origin, from which I have to zoom out and find the object just edited. After awhile this does get a little old. I don't suppose there's anyway to orient to the area of work and switch back and forth, design layer to sheet?

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I don't know what is going on. I certainly get the Cursor Positions showing here when it is set to Show Primary, Secondary and Cursor Locations on the Data Bar. Are you using the floating display, or do you have it displaying in the Tool bar?

On the viewports, try double clicking on the Viewport and using the Edit Design Layer option. Make sure that you have the Display using Viewport Attributes and Navigate Back to Viewport selected.

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