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Inserting a multi-circuit instrument


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I have just tried to insert a multi-circuit instrument onto a lighting position. The lighting position is a part of a pipe grid. In the set up of the drawing I have labelled each pipe as its own position for clarity. The issue is that due to the proximity of some to the adjacent pipes the components are all being designated as different positions in the info. I tried simply overwriting the info but that didn't work. Any ideas?

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This seems to be a similar problem to the one discussed in the 'Locking fixtures to a position' thread. I recommend looking there. I bring this up also because I have seen this problem come up in multiple threads. Though I have heard several work arounds, I have not heard about what is the actual cause of the 'grabby' electrics or if there are any plans to change the way VW deals with overlapping positions. If there is any progress on this I would love to hear about it.

I hope the ideas in the other thread help solve your problem.

Kenneth Helvig

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