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Gradients - Fading solid white to nothing?


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Is it possible to do this, setting up a gradient so that at one end the color is white and the other end is nothing, i can't seem to find a way to do it with the gradient. I did however think of a work around, creating 10 objects and then setting each one a different opacity, 100, 90, 80, 70 and so on down to 0 to achieve the require affect. also doing it this way you get a line at each of the changes, rather than being smooth.

Is this the only way, anyone got any other ideas on how i could do it with one object, rather than 10?

Regards, Ian

VW 2008 SP3

Windows XP SP3

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You can use a transparency mask to knock out anything :


Just create a texture and then assign a transparency mask to it.


The color you assign to transparency can be set based on contrast and hue.

You can erode the transparency, too:


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yes, this is something i intended to add to the wish list. the texture workaround is more complicated than necessary. a simple fade to nothing in the gradient settings would be great.

my work around is to fade a very, very dark, saturated color to white, then make the object or class very transparent. this has limitations of application and will not work with white, as ian is trying to do.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Its mostly that there is no option for regular 2D fills to be "clear", there are opacity settings but they will apply to the entire object and a fill of none will also affect the entire object.

It would definitely be a solid wishlist item though. Something like the addition of a "Clear color".

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