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SAT file export?

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Doesn't work that way. VW doesn't support SAT files. Exporting to DWG converts your organic 3Dmodel to tesselated geometry, so that's not a good solution. The only way left is IGES export.

Of course, if your model is "flat", you might as wel use DXF.

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Bolldo, Charlene is right, VW11 has *.SAT export and it does work nice, I've exported a few parts for CNC already; however, check your CAM software, many packages will import IGES and can construct nurbs (smooth) machinable surfaces from IGES files that aren't "faceted" or made from flat triangles. I haven't had good luck with IGES export from Vectorworks though. If you can afford the upgrade to VW11, the SAT export works great and will solve a lot of headaches and time (worth the upgrade price alone). But if you're just doing a few parts, the evalation of Rhino 3D mentioned above is a great choice. File translation through multiple programs is risky in my CNC experience, but SAT has always been reliable for me.

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