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PDF won't print



I have been trying to print a 240 acre base map via pdf (both office and at Kinko's).

I take my VW 2008 drawing and export to pdf. The file size is less than 2MB.

The resulting document will flatten to about 1-5% and the the program shuts down. My OS is Vista

Also, is it possible to export it as a JPEG? My computer just crashes when I try that.

Any advice on this? Thanks in advance.

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I thought I was, but I am opening it up now to update to SP 3 for 2008.

When I open the pdf.file and then hit the print window, the progress bar opens up. That is when I get the message "Flattening X% complete" and it never gets past 5%. Then, VW closes.

I have tried to print on my old HP printer, my smaller laserjet at 8x11 and sending it to Kinko's and their printer. No luck anywhere.

I am not really conversant with the drivers, etc. My big printer is kind of out of date and I doubt there are any new drivers out there, but I have printed straight VW documents before on it.

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You are opening the PDF in VectorWorks to print it?

Video drivers.

Right click on the desktop and choose Personalize.

Click on Display Settings.

In Display Settings click on Advanced Settings...

Your video card will be listed under Adapter Type.

Go to the manufacturers web site (NVida or ATI) and download the latest drivers, then install.

It would help if you would put your computer specs including OS in your signature, that way I won't have to search through previous posts to find out your OS.

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I am still having problems with printing both pdf and VW documents. If I convert to a JPEG and accept lower quality, it will print, both at the office on my HP Design Jet 755 (ancient, I know) and at Fedex Kinko.

So far, I have updated the NVidia drivers, upgraded to VW 2009, and updated to Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.

As near as I can tell, and according to the print guy at FedEX there is something in the VW document that the pdf format doesn't like.

I suspectdc it is the 3D model and went into the iso views and found one rogue contour, which I deleted. Still no luck. I copied the drawing and deleted the site model altogether. Still no luck. Total file size is only about 5-6MB.

I have submitted a request to VW but naturally, its President's day, so I thought I would take another shot here and see if anyone has further ideas.

Thanks in advance.

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