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Plotting and VectorWorks 8.5+OS9

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We have recently acquired, (4)G4's in our office, our PowerPlot software is not compatible with OS9 (and there is no PowerPlot upgrade). So we are plotting from the (2) G3's (OS8) remaining in our office. The only other plotting software we have been able to locate is Microspot (from the comments on the message board, we are concerned that this software will not be appropriate)....Please let us know if you are using Microspot, or if you are using another program......any additional information would be appreciated...



Gary Shoemaker Architects, PC

New York, New York

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We have HP455CA plotter, Laser writer MP and Epson 1520. They all have serious trouble printing VW9/renderwks on the G4/733, system 9.1,Nvidea card combo. But not with other macs.

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The comment that Powerplot is not compatible with System 9 is interesting.

I am currently running VWA9 on a Powerbook G3 with System 9.1 and my 5 year old copy of Powerplot 2.0.2 is working just fine. We are plotting to an HP250C via a JetDirect interface.

Either this is with an older version of Powerplot or something else is at work...

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