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Why Do my UIDs keep changing


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I am drawing a plan and Exporting back and forth between LW 4.18 and VW2008 SP3. I have been confused about constantly finding Orphans in my current drawing after imports. on Investigation i realise that the UID is changing.

For example

1078. is the UID in VW

1078. is the UID in LW.

So VW must be changing it for some reason, any ideas why? Am I doing something strange here? Is their anything I can do to repair this debacle?



VW2008 SP3 PC

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Sounds like you have copies of the fixtures layered over each other.

When you do an export to LW, count how many fixtures are being sent. Is it more then what LW has in the file ?.

You can clean this up a bit by doing a fresh export from VW to a new LW file. You should then see units on a position with same unit numbers but different UID.

Just a thought


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Here is a bit of background as explained to me by John Mckernon:

UID's are comprised of five numbers, separated by periods:

Example: 1028.

= The first is typically four digits and is unique to each light. Any

accessory attached to that light will share the same (four-digit) number.

For example, the light will have 1028 as the first part of its UID, and the

UID's for any accessories attached to it will also have 1028. No two lights

should have the same first (four-digit) number.

= The second and third numbers are used with multi-circuit lights.

= The fifth number is the total# of accessories for the light.

= The fourth number is which accessory this is out of that total#. The light

itself will have a zero here. If the UID has a number greater than zero

here, then it's an accessory.

Here are some examples:


This UID is for a light with no accessories.


This UID is for a light with two accessories.


This is the UID of the first accessory attached to light #1031.


This is the UID of the second accessory attached to light #1031.

You have several UID's that are for the same light, but show varying numbers of accessories.

The next-to-last digit is zero in both of these, which tells us that this is

the UID for the light itself, not an accessory. But there are two rows here,

both of which say they're the same light (1078). One of them says there are 8 accessories, the other says there are four accessories. And both of them

say they're the light, not an accessory.

How are these lights related to each other in terms of purpose, instrument type, etc.? What accessories are you attaching to the lights?

-Ben Pilat

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Hi Ben,

Thanks for that. This actually explains a lot. After imports the number of Accessories was always multiplying (still dont know what was forcing it to do that. So I would always get another TH (or 2 0r 4) on those lights. At some point I obviously did a Merge into LW not taking the UID with it... So then the whole thing just fell apart.

Its weird. This is one of the 3 drafting jobs Im doing at the moment and its the only one that did this Accessory multiplication.

Anyway, Ben thanks once again for explaining. I have saved that response, so I cant forget it again!



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The accessories were/are mainly THs (static Accessories)

they are the standard accessories that ship with VW.

Dont think Ive modded them at all, because they are still called 159mm TH (in Metric some of these numbers are just stupid!) and I would have changed the name if I was serious.


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