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Cursor and Pointer not aligned

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The past day or so the curser and the pointer are not aligned.... ie the mouse arrow is about 5mm (on screen) above the cursor cross hair.

I had a similar problem once before in sketch-up and the solution was to turn of OpenGL hardware accelleration.

Can you do a similar thing in vectorworks?


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If it's any consolation, I also experienced the misaligned cursor and pointer when I first started using VW2009. I don't know what I did to fix it, but after a couple of days the problem went away.

I just noticed that VW2009 does not have a Display Preferences option for Hardware Accelerated 2D drawing. Although my video card is intended to provide acceleration, I got in the habit of turning that option off whenever I had display problems. Is HA no longer allowed by VW2009, or is it just handled automatically? The Help file has no entry for HA.

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