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I recently opened an old document and noticed that the instruments with gobos all have gobo projectors and a light source. When I tried to add gobos to a nw document, no matter what I do, I cannot get the gobo projectors to appear. I have gone into a light, gone to edit and specified a gobo for it. I have set the custom rendering settings but no matter what I see to do, no gobo projector. I have followed the manual, step by step, and no luck. I thought in version 2009 that the gobo projector tool was no longer there so I am at a loss what to do next.

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You may have been opening an older document. If I recall correctly 2008 and 2009 handle gobo projections differently than previous versions.

In any case, to render gobos in 2009:

- Just to make it easy, start with a blank document.

- Insert an instrument. Make sure it has a Z value that is reasonable.

- Create some kind of 3d geometry to project the gobo onto. Make sure it has a solid fill. (or a texture that accepts shadows)

- Right click on the instrument and choose Edit or click on Edit in the OIP.

- Click on the Light Information Tab

- Next to Gobo 1 click Get Resource

- Choose one of the default gobos. If you want any other gobos you need to first import them into the Resource Browser.

- I've found VW is more reliable rendering gobos if the unit has a focus point. It will render light without the focus point, but sometimes not gobos. So create a focus point and assign it to the light.

- Now you have to turn the light on. Either open the Visualization Palette and turn it on there or right click the unit and choose Edit Light (not Edit) and turn the light on there.

- Switch to an appropriate view. Render with Final Quality Renderworks.

- You can also use Custom Renderworks. In the Custom Renderworks Options under Lighting, make sure you have "Use Shadows" and "Ray Traced Shadows" selected.

Some instruments seem to still have the 3D point from which light is emitted in the C clamp. That means that all lighing position objects need to have a texture that does not cast shadows. If you are having that kind of problem, try using a basic instrument like S4. If that works, but not the instrument you want to use, then you have a different, but easily solved, problem.



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I have done all that. In fact, just to see what was going on, I created a document with just one pipe, two lights, a few platforms. I have gone through step by step and now gobo. It is very frustrating. I am confused as to why 2009 is seeing an old file and creating gobo projectors if that is not how 2009 works now. At any rate, this is very frustrating.

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50? ETC Source 4 with a folliage gobo. The pipe does not have a texture. While not indicate, I have also included a floor. You used to have to have one so I add one out of habit. An color works. If I put a color such as R35, the light is pink. But no matter what setting or adjustment I make, I cannot get the gobo to appear.

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What do you mean, show up. I pick an instrument, click edit, go to Light Information, and in gobo 1 go to Get Resource and select a gobo. I know I have gotten this to work before. I am sure it is some small thing I am missing or setting that is wrong.

Sorry, long day. Yes, these gobos show up.

Okay, now I am really confused. Now they are working on my file. Ghosts.

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Long day myself. I forgot to point out that one of the units (a VL1000) doesn't project a gobo.

It's because the Position Object it is hanging on has a fill instead of a non-shadow-casting texture. If you lower the instrument by 3/4" or give the Position Object symbol an appropriate texture, the gobo projection will appear.

(This was a problem on another recent thread)


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