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Organizing plant lists


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I have recently upgraded to VW 2009 and am having problems organizing my plant lists as I did in VW12. I divided my plant lists into Trees, Shrubs, and Perennials by changing the headers to include only those plants. These were all in one plant list.

When I do this in VW 2009, the trees work fine, but under shrubs or perennials, I can only get it to calculate each instance of a plant and not summing up each plant species. So, for example, if I place Shirobana Spirea three times on the plan, the plant list would give me three lines for the Shirobana instead of one total.

If I look under the headers for the trees, I see that it has a sum done for the numbers, but I get an error message if I try this for the shrubs or perennials saying that it cannot calculate past a certain line number.

If I separate the plant types into separate plant lists, I am fine.

Is there any way to get them into one plant list?

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This function seems to work fine for me in 2009. Two probably dumb questions:

- Are you sure the header lines are showing when you try to sum and

- Are you summing the field (e.g. Plant ID) rather than the quantity?

Otherwise, posting a copy of the file here might help.

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Thanks - I was not dragging the icons properly to the columns.

I got it to work by reinserting the sum function, but I don't know why they disappeared when converting a file from VW12 - with plant lists that sum properly in the categories, they do not when converted to VW2009 - the sum operation is not visible in the plant ID anymore.

Now I just have to get comfortable with the plant symbol behavior and new database

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