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Radial Dimensions in Viewports

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I just came across this today and have been unable to find reference to it in previous posts:

Draw to an arc on a design layer. Now create a sheet layer viewport containing the arc. The radial dimension tool will work on both the design and sheet layers (viewport annotation mode of course).

Return to the design layer and draw a straight line from one of the arc end points and extend it an arbitrary distance. Select both objects and compose to form a polyline. The radial dimension tool works on the design layer but now fails in the viewport.

Am I being unusually dense this morning or is this a bug?


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Thanks Ray. What you say makes perfect sense thought VW's behavior seems to be less clear. Based on limited investigation the radial dimension tool will work on composed objects and on primitives in viewports, AND upon occasion, on composed objects in viewports. I guess it's the inconsistency that bothers me.

Oh well, back to work.

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I second this request, although very late (9 years later).

I think it is a really, really annoying bug not to be able to take radial dimensions from symbols.

You spend a lot of effort making a structured design using 3D symbols, and the you have to break it all to make proper drawings in the viewports.

I have to use a clumsy workaround adding overlaid circles in Add Annotations in the viewport.


Considering the price of this product (VW2018), I am very surprised that this is not yet fixed.


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