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Textures turning black and other fun things...


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Hi all

I'm running into a problem. I have an object with an image texture. when i open the file, it renders just like it should on fast render with shadows. after a bit, it just turns black. I can edit the texture, looking at the image I want it to be, but it renders black.(it's black in the object info pallet as well.) Any thoughts?

Also, another image texture causes my system to eat it's memory. I grouped the object by itself, and then told it to do a fast RW with shadows, and it ran out of memory in about 3 seconds. Same object with no texture works fine. I try to edit the texture, and instead of the preview window, I get a black square. Is my image file corrupted?



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I have had a similar problem. A student of mine created a design with graphic textures on his XP Pro in VW 2008. Some of the texture turn black, some are OK, and zoomed in its swaps different set with black. However, everything rendered perfect on my Mac G-4 in VW 2008 and 2009. More important, I was able to duplicate the XP Pro render problem in my Parallels XP Pro environment (on a MacBook) Weird? Any advice?

--Markus Dohner

VW 2009 Designer RW G4 OS 10.4

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