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Exporting PDFs coming up with zero KB files

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For some time now i have been having problems exporting to PDF, it looks like it has done it until i look for the file and its file size is zero KB, meaning it is corrupt.

it does this randomly with different files, and once it has started on a file it wont go away, i then have to use the other 'print to PDF' function, which mostly works but sometimes also starts coming up with this zero KB file. I have ended up having to export to an image file several times to overcome this, which is really anoying.

has anyone else come across this at all?

it has happened on more than one machine in our office as well.

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this is the log i have, not quite sure what to make of it though

03/02/2009 15:29:34 VectorWorks[4526] Error loading /Library/Printers/PPD Plugins/AdobePDFPDE700.plugin/Contents/MacOS/AdobePDFPDE700: dlopen(/Library/Printers/PPD Plugins/AdobePDFPDE700.plugin/Contents/MacOS/AdobePDFPDE700, 265): no suitable image found. Did find:

/Library/Printers/PPD Plugins/AdobePDFPDE700.plugin/Contents/MacOS/AdobePDFPDE700: mach-o, but wrong architecture

if it was missing a plugin then im assuming the function would not work at all, but it does, it just sometimes doesnt.

islandmon, do you know what any of this means?

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Looks like the problem is a missing PPD for the AdobePDFDE700 . The one installed is not suitable for OSX10.5.4 ( probably 10.4, PPC not Intel ). GoTo > ~/Library/Printers/PPDPlugins/AdobePDFPDE700

that version is open and ready to work but not compatible with your installed OSX10.5.4. Seems that a lot has been written about this problem ( Google >AdobePDFPDE700):




The easiest solution might be to use AdobeUpdate.app and let it install the necessary components for you . Then Restart and test...

Link to the Plugin for 10.5.6:


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i have tried reducing the file name to 1 character but that doesnt work.

when i try to use adobeupdate, it gets to half way through the install and it just sits and does nothing, left it overnight, and nothing.

i have actually updated to 10.5.6 OSX so will give the plugin a try

will let you know the outcome

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