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Exiting Groups Causes View to Change to Top not Top/ Plan


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I have just started getting this problem.

I always work in Top/Plan View, but now when i exit Groups the view changes to Top.

I am not using symbols.

When im on the page the view is set tp Top/Plan, when I enter the Group I check the view is still on top/Plan, when I hit exit Group and return to the Design Layer the View changes to Top.

I can repeat this process over and over again.

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Is this in just one file or in every file?

Have you restarted VW? Have you restarted the computer?

What happens if you make a new file, draw a rectangle, group it and then enter and exit the group?

Have you modified your workspace? If so, what happens with one of the standard workspaces?

More information please, this is not something I have ever heard of before.

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Seems to be just file specific.

I have restarted VW and the computer and still had the problem.

I also swapped workspaces and back again without a change.

I have since opened a new file and imported the layers and objects etc and problem has gone away.

Must have been a corrupted file.

Thanks for your time.

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I experience this a lot. VW's seems to default to the 3d selection cursor, which can be quite irksome. I haven't really paid close attention to exactly when this occurs, or what causes it. The simple fix is to hit the "x" key, which is the shortcut to the 2d selection cursor. Or of course to mouse click the 2d cursor...

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It is the SelectSimilar tool and is part of the Australian local customisation for Architect, Landmark etc. (I think it is originally from the German VW version).

It provides a very user friendly way of selecting objects through its graphic filtering options, and as you can see at the bottom it allows you to save selection sets.

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